Virtual Hosting

What is Virtual Hosting?
Virtual Hosting is where multiple web sites (www. anyname .com) are served off the same physical server. This saves each customer from purchasing their own expensive server, performing the setup and providing the appropriate environment. This is the most common method of hosting small to medium size sites with light to moderate traffic.

Do you have Front-Page extensions?
Yes, we do offer Front Page extensions. If you want to remove and/or add Front Page extensions to your account, you can do it in your Control Panel.

What is Bandwidth?
Bandwidth is the amount of data moved between your site and the browsers of the customer's accessing your site. It is typically measured in Gigabytes.

I want to change my account plan. How do I upgrade / downgrade my account?
To upgrade or downgrade your account, go to our customer support page and complete a customer support request. Just specify what plan you want to change from/to or other services you'd like changed and submit your request.

What domain names do you support?
We support all domains, including foreign domains.

Can we add services as we grow and need them?
You may grow at whatever pace you like. All options can be added or removed at any time.

Do you provide backup processing?
We backup the data on our servers each night. Although we do this, we strongly recommend that you keep a remote backup of your files and data.


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