Pre-Sales Question

How soon will my account be set up and ready to use?
Your account will be setup in 24 hours or less or your first month is FREE. You will receive an email with your account information, IP address, user name and password. You can then start uploading your site.

Is my access 24 hours a day?
Yes. You will have access to your account 24 hours a day.

Can nolithosting register domain names for me?
Yes with assistance from bayanhosting.com. Available TLDs that we registerare .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .tv, .cn, and .cc. Prices start at $11.99 per year.

Does nolithosting.com allow adult, warez or other illicit sites or content?
No. Please see our terms of service page for permissible and unpermissable content.

Where are your servers located?
Nolithosting.com's High-Performance Managed Web Servers are located in The Planet Data Center, Dallas, Texas, United States of America and Softlayer Data Center with pod distribution in Dallas (Infomart), Seattle (Sabey) and Washington DC (365 Main).

What are your Network Connections?
Our servers are connected to the data center's eight (8) different Tier one backbone providers to form the best network infrastructure in the industry providing the lowest ping times, lowest latency, and best redundancy available.

The backbone border routers are Juniper™ M20's and the fully redundant switching layer comprises a certified six pack design of Cisco™ 6500 series switches. All customer access switches in the datacenter, and there are hundreds of them, are Cisco™ 2950 series switches designed for maximum performance and uptime availability.

The current backbone provider list running the BGP4 protocol on GigE connectivity are UUNet™, Level3™, Verio™, Time Warner™, Global Crossing™, and Sprint™ while those on Dual GigE connectivity are Allegiance Telecom™ and AboveNet™.

All servers are wired into 6 500KVA PowerWare™ UPS battery backup system providing up to 80 minutes of backup power to the whole data center while 2 diesel-engine generators can provide power up to 15 days. Couple these generators with the three input electrical feeds to two different city grids in downtown Dallas and the uptime guarantee on power is 100%.

What is your server environment?
Minimum server specifications are Intel™ Pentium™ 4 2.8 GHz processors, 3Com™/Intel™ NICs, 1024 MB RAM, and ONLY major name brand components. UPS Systems provide the power backups, along with 2 Cummins™ generator system.

The data center uses a preaction dry-pipe sprinkler system with 580 smoke detectors and a VESDA™ contaminate system to create a full proof fire prevention system. Twenty-three 26-ton Data Aire™ down flow air conditioners designed to run in complete redundancy have been installed for maximum cooling.

Can I get unlimited bandwidth?
No. We do not offer packages with unlimited bandwidth primarily because there is no such thing. Any one that promises that is not telling the truth. Somewhere in their terms and conditions are probably some words referring to "excessive use of resources", and in effect these place some arbitrary limit on your bandwidth. We set limits to both protect you and to provide you with a reliable quality service.

Can I use UltimateBBS or Ikonboard?
No. We do not allow either UltimateBBS (all versions) or Ikonboard (all versions).


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