Understanding Your Mail Server

What mail server setting should I use?
Remember to always use "mail.yourdomain.com" as the incoming (pop3) and outgoing (smtp) server in your local email client, such as Outlook Express.

What is mail forwarding?
In the Cpanel mail control center, the forwarding function provides forwarding to outer address, and can be used to alias one account to another. Thus, if you want alice@homepage.com to head to a pop3 account of chuck@aol.com, use a forward to make this happen.

In what format should the user name be?
All POP email boxes EXCEPT the default account use the full email address (user@domain.com) as the user name for logging in.

What is a "default address"?
Your "default address" is the root catch-all mailbox. It receives messages heading to all addresses which aren't setup as unique pop accounts within your domain. Keep in mind that the default address account does NOT use the full email address format, unlike other pop accounts. The login for your default address is the same as the main FTP login for your account.

Why can't I retrieve my email messages?
If it seems that you cannot lock a pop3 account to retrieve messages for any reason, the quickest way to solve this for yourself is to delete and recreate the account with your /controlpanel. This saves time as it bypasses asking our support staff for assistance. Yes, the changes you make to your email items with your /controlpanel are done in real time.

How good is your mailing list software?
The mailing list feature is very simple, please keep that in mind. If you require a more powerful listserv program, you should probably look elsewhere. We cannot utilize a robust listserv on our webhosting machines without causing the server's overall performance to suffer.

When I post to the mail list the mail is held for administrative approval because of "implicit destination". Why?
In the web-based list administration interface, go to 'Privacy options' and 'Spam-specific posting filters' (mid-page). In the text box for "Alias names (regexps) which qualify as explicit to or cc destination names for this list", enter the email address of the list.


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