FTP Programs

What Program can I use to FTP to my account?
We have put together a list of popular FTP software: (Keep in mind that new versions of FTP software are continuously being released- you might want to stop by www.download.com and search for the client of your choice to see if an updated version is available.) Also www.tucows.com is recomended for windows apps.

A standard FTP client for Windows Sockets. The graphical interface was designed with the novice FTP user in mind. This version features a reengineered FTP server detection and decoding process. Requirements: Windows 3.x or higher.

A Windows-based Internet application that lets beginners use FTP without having to know many details about the protocol itself. It simplifies FTP by offering a user-friendly, graphical interface instead of a command-line prompt. Requirements: Windows 95 or higher.

WinTelnet and FTP Pro 32-bit 1.0 Release 2
A set of Telnet and FTP clients. The application hides the complexities of Unix with an easy-to-use Windows interface, and it offers features such as auto-login profiles and automatic FTP login. Requirements: Windows 95 or higher.

FTP Icon Connection 2.5
Anawave's FTP Icon Connection is a true 32-bit, drag and drop FTP client. Transfer files to and from a remote site with an easy-to-use interface and automated program settings. New features include shortcuts to 40 top FTP sites, file sorting, and firewall support. Requirements: Windows 95 or higher.

Free AutoFTP
An FTP client software for transferring files over the Internet. It lets you schedule automatic transfers for a future date or time. Other AutoFTP features include automatic dial and connect, a Windows Explorer like user interface, pop-up menus, drag and drop, activity log, Icon Tray installation, multiple simultaneous transfers, repeated autotransfer scheduling, and more. Requirements: Windows 95 or higher.

eFTP Explorer
To keep file transfers as hassle-free as possible, eFTP presents FTP sites in a familiar Explorer-like interface. It has a tree view on the left panel, changeable file view on the right, and Internet Explorer/Office 97 "buttonless buttons." It also has features like file synchronization and scheduled downloads. Requirements: Windows 95 or higher.


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