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FrontPage extensions are included free with all accounts. Keep in mind that you will need a copy of the FrontPage program from Microsoft before you can begin following the directions below:

Please remember that your domain name will need to be activated on our nameservers before FrontPage will be available to your account.

Choose "Open FrontPage Web" from the File Menu in FrontPage Explorer. It will ask you for a Web Server of File Location. Enter http://yourdomain.com and then "list webs". Next, you will need to select (double-click) the root web. The requested login and password will be the same as your FTP account.

FrontPage supplies you with two separate interfaces. The FrontPage explorer is used to manage the files within your web site. If you open a file in your web site another program called FrontPage Editor will open. When you are connected to your web then all changes made to any file you edit will be saved to your web. *Note: Although the software documentation states that you can create the site on your computer and then "publish" it to the web server, we do not recommend this. Many times publishing to the server from your computer will loose the Interactive web bots features that you may have setup when designing your site on your local computer. We recommend that you create your entire site by being connected to your web and saving directly to the server. To move files already created on your web site use the Import command found under the File menu within FrontPage Explorer to select the files to import to the server. This is by far the best method for moving files from your hard drive to the server. Using FTP to upload is not recommended as this may overwrite important files. Also, do not edit .htaccess files since FP uses these.

Additional support documents and complete usage instructions can be found at Microsoft's official FrontPage Home Page. http://www.microsoft.com/frontpage


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